Grants & Scholarships

Michigan Aviation Education Foundation Mission: To promote and advance aviation and aerospace education throughout the State of Michigan.

Applying for a Grant

The Michigan Aviation Education Foundation (MAEF) Grant Program was established for the purpose of providing financial assistance for the advancement of education and training in aviation or aeronautics within the State of Michigan. Grants may be awarded to organizations for projects or program goals that meet the MAEF mission and program guidelines. This shall include:
   • Programs or projects that provide technical training in an aviation, aeronautics or aerospace related field
   • Programs or projects that provide academic educational credit in an aviation, aeronautics or aerospace related field
   • Aviation, aeronautics or aerospace historical education programs or projects
   • Research projects directly associated with the advancement of aviation or aerospace
   • Other programs or projects that directly promote and advance aviation, aeronautics or aerospace education

Applicant Criteria/Requirements include:
 -   Applicant organizations must be incorporated or registered and based in the State of Michigan. Proof of organizational incorporation/registration must be provided with the application in order to be considered and current status will be verified.

 - Applicants must submit a one-page written summary paper with their application describing the program or project, its educational goals, and specifically identify how the grant money will be used to accomplish or advance those goals.

 - Applicants must be able to complete the education, training, related project, or specified portion of the project for which MAEF grant funds are being sought within one year of the time the MAEF grant is awarded. Verification of completion is required by reporting to the MAEF President or other current trustee.

 - Applicants requesting funds for training and college credit programs or projects must ensure all applicable accreditation prerequisites and certifications are acquired prior to seeking the MAEF grant.

Download a Grant Application here

Applying for a Scholarship

Scholarship Selection Criteria
In order to be considered for a scholarship, applicants must meet the minimum criteria in compliance with Michigan Aviation Education Foundation (MAEF) ByLaws, Guidelines and as outlined herein. The Board of Trustees will use the criteria to evaluate all candidate applications to determine eligibility for consideration and to help make its selections for scholarships. The key objective of the evaluation is to ensure scholarships are awarded to candidates that have the highest potential for a return on investment and thereby fostering the MAEF mission.

Minimum Applicant Criteria:
 - Individuals must be Michigan residents. NOTE: Educational fees paid on behalf of an individual who is a Michigan resident are not restricted to Michigan institutions;

 - Education or training for which scholarship funds are sought must directly relate to the MAEF mission and intent;

 - Individual’s goals and outcome of the education or training to be completed must offer tangible benefits for aviation or aerospace within the State of Michigan;

 - Individuals must demonstrate the motivation and ability to successfully accomplish their stated training/educational goals; and

 - Individuals must be able to accomplish the portion of the training/education to be covered by the Scholarship funds within one year (12 calendar months) of the date of issuance.

Download a Scholarship Application here


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